Our Services

We have professional services to support every aspect of your health through every stage of your life. 
Advantage HealthPoint provides a range of professional medical staff to support every aspect of your health through every stage of your life.

We pride ourselves on the full range of Medical and Allied Health Services we provide at Advantage HealthPoint. These services include General Medical (GPs and nurses), Podiatry, and Psychology. We also have on-site Pharmacy access.

Our General Practitioners offer the following services:

Mental health
Skin cancer examination and removal
Family medicine
Women’s health
Men’s health
Diabetes management and education
Asthma management
Complete health checks for various ages
Paediatric medicine
Complex Geriatric medicine
Palliative care
Immunisations (childhood and other)
Travel medicine & immunisations
Fully equipped treatment room facility for:
Electrocardiographs (ECGs)
Skin lesion assessment and removal
Suturing of lacerations
Wound care
Iron Infusions
Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitoring
Application and removal of plaster casts (Plaster of Paris and Fibreglass)

We also have a full-time on-site nursing service. Our nurses are an integral part of the clinical team, and at times you may be asked, or wish to, make an appointment to see a nurse to assist in the provision of comprehensive care. Our Nurses have appointments for one-on-one consultations but also work in our fully equipped treatment room alongside our GPs.


Our medical needs change throughout the various stages of our lives.  There are times when prompt access to a doctor is required and several appointments are needed in a short period of time to manage a new problem or an exacerbation of an existing health condition.  Shortfalls in the provision of medical care in rural areas and prolonged hospital wait times can make such events unnecessarily difficult.  

At Advantage HealthPoint we are introducing a Membership model of care.  Essentially this model entails each doctor vastly reducing the number of patients he/she manages.  This exclusivity will enable the doctor to spend the necessary time with each Member and to provide a highly personalised and thorough service with continuity of care.  The number of patients under the care of each practitioner is deliberately kept to a very small number to enable doctors to see their patients promptly as the need arises. 

Other benefits to Members include:
Unlimited clinic visits for only a $10 gap-payment per visit
Free repeat prescriptions
Prompt access to your doctor
Immediate phone, email and text messaging to your doctor
Focus on preventive care
Unhurried atmosphere
Mobile phone and online consultations
Home visits (additional charges are incurred for this service depending on location)

The cost of Membership at Advantage HealthPoint is $14 per week for singles and $18 for couples/families. 

Memberships can be terminated at any time without incurring any further costs. Please speak to our helpful administrative staff if this proposal suits your needs.

Script Requests

If you have been prescribed a medication by one of the Doctors at Advantage HealthPoint previously, and it is a regular medication, you can request a repeat prescription. Please note, that at times your request may be declined; this is to ensure the best care for you. Individual circumstances can be discussed with our friendly reception team. Script request fees are $25.


If you are looking for a better way to take care of your health, contact Advantage HealthPoint today.

Book now: (03) 5152 3500

Advantage HealthPoint

Your local doctors in Bairnsdale. 

Same-day and next-day appointments are generally available.

We are open Monday to Friday, 8.30am-5.00pm, closed weekends and public holidays.
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